Wasteland To Wonderland

Reshaping Waste, Fueling Progress: Igniting Transformation through Waste to Energy!

Project Overview

"The world is witnessing challenges arising from climate change, CO2 emissions, dependence on fossil fuels and the need to improve quality of life. In response, various countries have taken innovative measures to harness natural and renewable resources.

The Sustainers plan to lead a Special Purpose Vehicle [SPV] consisting of five well reputed Consultants for this initiative to design and engineer a Green Building which is Green in ‘ TRUE SENSE.’

We believe a wasteland has commercial potential, and with this concept we aim to transform the wasteland into an Iconic Convention Centre.

The project aims to provide Waste to Energy technology with best infrastructure support and improve the air and water quality.

As a team we believe in maximum usage of Green Elements.

The project also provides the E- Mobility concept by incorporating EV charging stations in the design

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Our offerings cover all aspects from recovering valuable energy from waste to facilitating the mass adoption of electric vehicles, from pilot projects to fully scaled-out infrastructure.

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