Frequently Asked Questions

CATEGORY 1: : Where Can We Install

The total cost varies from INR 1 lakhs to INR 18 lakhs
As the EV charging infrastructure is De licensed, so you need not to worry.
Land area varies from 90 sq. ft to 1000 sq. ft and the area should be flood proof.
Standard installation comprises supplies and services which are generally required at the time of installation such as one-time installation activities of EV charger setup with civil & electrical works.
EV Charger installation requires subject expertise since the electricity load can be quite high. Therefore, it is important that installation be done by experts only.

CATEGORY 2: : How Much is Investment

Minimum investment should be INR 1 lakh & maximum will be how much you can pump in for this revenue generation business.
The low side cost (civil, electrical & other works) will cost you extra and would depend on type of charger (AC or DC) installation.

All PSU banks of
fer finance solutions for the same.

All PSU banks offer finance solutions for the same.
Yes, each state has its own EV policy to promote EV and its infrastructure so you will receive the subsidies/incentives accordingly.

CATEGORY 3: : How Space Do I Need

Minimum space should be 100 sq.ft & maximum should be 5000 sq ft.

Yes, The Sustainer provides you the complete customized solution for your workplace requirements.

EV chargers can be deployed on highways & resorts as they are considered to be “sweet spots” for the customers to hold on with leisure time spent at Dhaba /Food outlet /KFC / Mac D etc.

 No, EV chargers cannot be deployed at flood prone areas, as they it is also an electrical machinery and need to be protected from monsoon/floods.

Residential/Co-op housing societies can initially start with 2 nos. of EV chargers to provide additional amenity to attract customer’s attention.

CATEGORY 4: : License

As setting up EV chargers is a De-licensed process, so there is no issue of license requirement, only DISCOM authority will do the recce and give the clearance for Electrical related requirements.
Setting up of EV charging stations is De-licensed, just you have to comply with local electricity distribution company rules for distribution transformer (DT) capacity.

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