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Your go to partner for seamless EV charging solutions.

Our Vision

"The Sustainer offers a comprehensive range of sustainable solutions for both commercial and residential requirements.

Our turnkey services include fast integration of EV charging stations with the grid, ensuring optimal and efficient power exchange.

Our offerings cover all aspects from recovering valuable energy from waste to facilitating the mass adoption of electric vehicles, from pilot projects to fully scaled-out infrastructure. We understand the challenges that our clients face and accordingly, provide tailored solutions to enhance operational efficiency and reduce their environmental footprint. At The Sustainer, we believe that our experience and knowledge can have a significant impact on the environmental, social, and economic challenges of our time. As we strive to combat climate change, we enhance your long-term savings while future-proofing your sustainability practices.

Our solutions stand out as a partner of choice for sustainable energy options. Our mandate is to promote a cleaner and greener future by empowering organizations and households to become energy efficient. Join us on this venture and let us create a better world together.

Meet The Team

Neelanjan Gupto


He is the founder of one of the most preferred partners of electric vehicle charging stations across the country. His unique ideas and concrete structuring have gathered massive recognition in the electric vehicle’s infrastructure parameters of installation

He has an extensive experience of 15+ years, which includes 5 years of international expertise, working with automobiles & commercial vehicle’s sector and has helped shape the industry paradigm, with cutting edge, state of the art ideas and trends setting ideas.

His profound ideology has been a major factor for business conceptualization and technological advancements in the Electric Vehicle infrastructure space.

Debashish Gupto

- Director

Electric Engineer by qualification, retired as senior engineer in MTNL. Debashish worked with more than 30 years of experience and having a record of having laid more than 1000 kilometers of cable network & 360 degree cellphone tower across mumbai metropolitan which has been the backbone of data and telecommunication of mega cities even today.

Has been responsible for infrastructure planning, technical compliance, installation and safety of companies aggressive growth.

Rishabh M Jain

- Head Financial

He is a Chartered Accountant and L.L.B. by qualification and has worked closely with Indian Corporates and Multinational Companies and help them set new business verticals in India.

He has a wide basket of exposure in setting up Business and Management Processes and scaling businesses in an organic manners.

He has experience in Consulting across diverse sectors including Automobile, Renewable Energy, Hospitality, Tours and Travels, New-age Digital Media, Real Estate, Automotive Components, Textile, E- Commerce and Industrial Manufacturing.

Kiran Khushalani

- Vibe Manager

I am a successful Vibe Manager who is creative, detail-oriented, and has a deep understanding of their target audience. I possess excellent communication and organizational skills and can collaborate effectively with various stakeholders, including staff members, event organizers, and suppliers.

As a Vibe Manager I curate a positive and engaging atmosphere that aligns with the goals and brand image of the organization. They understand the target audience and aim to create an environment that appeals to them, encouraging them to feel comfortable, excited, or relaxed, depending on the desired vibe.

Jignesh Seth

- Sales Head

I create and implement sales strategies aligned with the organizations overall goals and objectives. This involves analysing market trends, identifying target markets, setting sales targets, and determining pricing strategies.

Being a Sales Head I possesses strong leadership skills, strategic thinking abilities, and a deep understanding of the sales process and market dynamics. I am an excellent communicator, able to motivate and inspire team, build relationships, and negotiate effectively. Additionally, which are data-driven, analytical, and adaptable to changing market conditions.

Rajeesh Nambiar

- Operations & Marketing Manager

My role as an Operations & Marketing Manager is to possess strong leadership and management skills, strategic thinking abilities, and a deep understanding of both operational and marketing principles. I am a proficient in data analysis, have excellent communication and interpersonal skills, and can multitask and prioritize effectively. I am result oriented and can adapt to changing market dynamics and business needs.

As a professional operations & marketing manager I oversees both the operational and marketing aspects of a business or organization. This role involves managing the day-to-day operations, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness, as well as developing and implementing marketing strategies to drive growth and achieve business objectives.

Company Overview

"At the sustainer, we offer a complete suite of turnkey sustainable solutions – for your commercial and residential needs – under one roof for fast EV charging station integration with grid ensuring optimal and quality power exchange.

Right from waste-to-energy – the process of recovering valuable energy from waste to electrical vehicle (EV) solution – to enable mass adoption of electric vehicles from pilot projects to fully scaled-out infrastructure – we deliver a range of proven, bankable solutions to address the global need for better, more environmentally - friendly alternatives. We believe that armed with our experience and knowledge in this sector, we can make a big impact on the environmental, social and economic challenges of our time.

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Our offerings cover all aspects from recovering valuable energy from waste to facilitating the mass adoption of electric vehicles, from pilot projects to fully scaled-out infrastructure.

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