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Imparting Skills to Young India

Revolutionizing Education

Non-profit organizations and CSR initiatives have been imparting education to the under-privileged communities for decades and mostly operating in rooms donated or rented out by organizations. Children from under deserved community have not only been receiving literacy instructions, but also learning good habits and participating in creative activities Supporting these important projects to educate, to expand, to ensure and, to give better opportunities to children the chance to broaden their horizons and to increase their future prospects, The Sustainers brings forth The Enlightening Box to give them a Rewarding Classroom Experience.

The Enlightening Box Concept

Sustainer specializes and have complete solutions on retrofitting containers with solar solutions and at short time cycles and at minimum time consumptions - the roof might face the wrong direction or not be strong enough or a free might be in the way site surveys must always be done in advance, making it easy to scale, by just rotating the alignment.

The advantage of container schools is that they are 100% reusable and portable. These refurbished containers will be providing a good support to any organization promoting skill development programs targeting youth as well as children and who do not have access to amenities or schools in their localities. The concept can be of great help to the government to conduct training programs in the remotest parts of the country, minimizing the infrastructure cost.

Since these are portable, they can be dismantled after completion of a project and moved to another location for a different project. What makes the container schools even more unique is that apart from being portable, low maintenance, it's easy to build. They can be equipped to run on solar energy through the installed solar panels. A container school strikes down the cost and has all possible amenities and solutions and basic sustainable facilities.

Up-Cycled Container


We provide dismantle type of modular seating of size 3ft x 2.5ft Making the most out of the space, ensuring flexibility and comfort.


We install solar panels on the roofs that ensure sustainable power saving.

Upcycled Commercial Center

These upcycled containers are the ideal solution for storage in the school environment, as they are practical, durable, secure and economical and many schools find them the ideal solution to temporary classroom space, during times of building works. or even as a permanent fixture to provide additional learning space for activities such as music, crafts, cookery, or a library.

These containers can also be used as a structure for conversions with a reputation for cutting edge innovation, delivering projects on time and providing first class customer care.

Container clinics are a unique option made by conversion of shipping containers that are refurbished for healthcare facilities. Beneficial parts of these clinics are completely portable, and can be assembled with nominal skill sets in a very short span of time, required in a remote area, where cost is a concern and permanent set up is not required.

Container pop up shops are a fast growing trend, used as a quick, low cost startup option that will get you noticed, or for big established brands to capitalize on and expand their territories in a temporary outlet. Retailers ranging from big brand names to small independent businesses selling artisan goods, are at the forefront of the contemporary concept of the pop up shop. Hence, the humble shipping container can provide the perfect structure to transform into a boutique style retail space. Take your store on the road to capitalize on sales at festivals.

'The Sustainers' quality is apparent and we have been ISO9001 accredited since 2015.

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